UCCI Courses

Advanced English and Public Health - Honors 

A-G Subject: English
CTE Sector: Health Science & Medical Technology
Pathway: Patient Care

Note: Advanced English and Public Health is a UC-designated honors course. Advanced English and Public Health challenges students with rigorous English Language Arts content as they explore questions regarding medical ethics, study how culture informs health care decisions, and examine other key elements of careers in Health Science. Applied Medical English could be part of a Health Science and Medical Technology Academy as an advanced course in a sequence of English and health science courses.  


Related Resources: 

Read the full course framework.

In Unit 1, have students apply the principles of medical ethics with the Informed Consent Module created by the University of Minnesota.

The Outbreaks Global Incident Map will prepare students for Unit 3's focus on global pandemics and the organizations responsible for aid.

Slowing the Next Pandemic: Survey of Community Mitigation Strategies is a fantastic, brief podcast that can help students explore how the UN and CDC approach pandemics.

For Unit 4, have students analyze CDC - Vaccines and Immunizations and Healing Arts - Children’s Vaccines for background information on vaccinations and immunizations.