Entrepreneurs as Researchers

English 9 Reading, Writing and Research in Social Entrepreneurship
A-G Subject: English
CTE Sector: Marketing, Sales and Service
Pathway: Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment

This course is an English 9 course integrated with the Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment pathway of the Marketing, Sales and Service CTE sector. In this course, students read and write about who they are and what they believe in relation to their families and their communities in order to explore their experiences, define ethics, analyze social responsibility, and create an action plan for community change. Woven throughout these units of study is an exploration of the characteristics of entrepreneurs such as, integrity, risk-taking, creativity, curiosity, determination, discipline, empathy, flexibility, and responsibility. Entrepreneurs as Researchers will engage students in questions of who they are, how ethics impact choices, what it means to be a socially responsible entrepreneur, what assets and issues exist in their communities, and how they can galvanize those assets to create a more sustainable community.

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