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Fashion Forward: World History and Fashion Design
A-G Subject: History/Social Science - World History
CTE Sector: Fashion and Interior Design
Pathway: Fashion Design and Merchandising

Note: Fashion Forward: World History and Fashion Design is a UC-designated honors course.  In this course, students analyze significant periods in world history from the 1700’s to modern times while building basic skills and understanding key principles in fashion design. Students use major world events such as wars, the Industrial Revolution, and globalization as the inspiration for design projects that reflect their comprehension of both historical content and relevant industry design standards. Students also use a developing understanding of fashion trends, textile design, and industrial advances across history as a means to understand the historical and cultural context in which those fashions, designs, and advances came about. Upon completion of this course, students create a portfolio to prepare them for a career in the field of fashion design and merchandising.

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