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¡A Viajar!: Spanish 3 for Hospitality - Honors
A-G Subject: Language Other Than English
CTE Sector: Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation
Pathway: Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation

Note: ¡A Viajar!: Spanish 3 for Hospitality is a UC-designated honors course.  The course begins with basic introductory information about the service industry and various careers, through which students will learn appropriate vocabulary and study why Spanish is necessary in today's professional world of HTR. Students learn about customer service skills through practice dialogues of hypothetical situations in the field.  Students interpret and compose employee handbooks in Spanish for the HTR  field.  Subsequently, students invent their own virtual destination situated an existing Spanish speaking country. At the end of the course , students will be able to demonstrate the HTR related industry knowledge they have gained throughout the year as they prepare and carry out the presentation of their destination to an industry board. The completion of the capstone project will demonstrate the students’ enhanced abilities to comprehend spoken Spanish as well as to read, write, and speak Spanish accurately at a level commensurate with the successful completion of a college preparatory third year Spanish course.

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