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Advanced Interdisciplinary Science for Sustainable Agriculture - HONORS
A-G Subject: Laboratory Science
CTE Sector: Agriculture and Natural Resources
Pathway: Agriscience

Note: Advanced Interdisciplinary Science for Sustainable Agriculture is a UC-designated honors course. This integrated class combines an interdisciplinary approach to laboratory science and research with agricultural management principles. Using skills and principles learned in the course, including the chemical and biological principles that govern plant science and crop production, students design systems and experiments to solve agricultural management issues currently facing the industry. Additionally, students connect the products created in this class with industry activities to link real world encounters and implement skills demanded by both colleges and careers. The course culminates with an agriscience experimental research project in which students design and conduct an experiment to solve a relevant agricultural issue. Final projects will be eligible for Career Development Event competition at FFA events. Throughout the course, students will be graded on participation in intracurricular FFA activities as well as the development and maintenance of an ongoing Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) program.

Curriculum Materials

Access instructional materials for Advanced Interdisciplinary Science for Sustainable Agriculture. Make a copy of any document (or download the entire GoogleFolder) to modify the curriculum to meet the needs of YOUR students. Add to the folder by sending your version of any document to Carolina.Reyes@ucop.edu.

Need more course adoption support? Well, then check out this useful Ag Series Standards Map, which shows where UCCI course content meets key CTE Agriculture and Natural Resources and NGSS standards, as well as Science and Engineering practices.

Materials were compiled/developed at the UCCI Teacher Exchange, Pleasant Grove on August 3-4, 2015.

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