da vinci algebra

Da Vinci Algebra 1 - Math

A-G Subject: Mathematics - Algebra 1; Visual and Performing Arts
CTE Sector: Arts, Media & Entertainment
Pathway: Design, Visual, and Media Arts

*Please Note: Da Vinci Algebra 1  is one of a PAIR of courses – a math and a VPA course, to be taught concurrently. As such, both need to be added to a school's A-G course list to ensure students receive both the "c" and "f" credit.

Da Vinci Algebra 1 elevates mathematics to an art form, as students utilize fundamental Algebra 1 concepts to complete projects in 2D and 3D art and design. Da Vinci Algebra I could be part of an Arts, Media, and Entertainment Academy as the intro course in a sequence of digital media art and mathematical courses. (Da Vinci Algebra 1 is offered as a two-period course – mathematics and visual and performing arts. Students receive credit for both.)


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