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Electric Avenues
A-G Subject: College Preparatory Elective
CTE Sector: Energy, Environment, and Utilities
Pathway: Energy, Environment, and Utilities

In this capstone course for Energy, Environment and Utilities pathways, students tackle challenging assignments that require not only that they utilize what they learn about energy throughout the course, but also their reading, writing, critical thinking, math and science skills. Throughout the course, students learn about the current grid and how electricity generation and usage are regulated and managed. Students develop an understanding of “Smart” solutions proposed for the grid and those available for use in the home, and learn not just about the benefits of energy sustainability, but also about the environmental and financial costs of green solutions. 

What students learn about energy efficiency and storage, the governmental regulations that apply to energy production and energy use, our efforts at producing and storing energy sustainability, and the environmental impact of each of these aspects of energy production and consumption culminates in a final assignment in which students produce energy proposals for the elementary schools in their district. Throughout the course, students work collaboratively with each other and with energy industry mentors in various capacities, and, when possible, use current industry tools to perform energy audits and prepare reports.

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