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Engineering America: U.S. History + Engineering & Architectural Design - Honors 

A-G Subject: History/Social Science
CTE Sector: Engineering and Architecture
Pathway: Architectural Design

Note: Engineering America: U.S. History + Engineering & Architectural Design is a UC-designated honors course. This course serves to help students make connections between U.S. History and the engineering innovations that helped form our nation. Students will not only use the engineering design process as they attempt to solve the historical challenges presented to them, but they will also look at the Code of Ethics that governs decisions in the world of engineering; they will examine how decisions made by powerful people had an impact on the landscape and forever altered the way things are done in the US. This course seeks to explain the political, social, economic, and technological factors that prompted the need for engineering innovation in US History. Upon completion of the course, students will think and act like historians, understanding that source, contextualizing, and corroborating historical sources are used to analyze and address present day issues.


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