GameCraft: English 10 with Game Development

GameCraft: English 10 with Game Development - HONORS
A-G Subject: English
CTE Sector: Information and Communication Technology
Pathway: Games and Simulation

Note: GameCraft: English 10 with Game Development is a UC-designated honors course.  This course is an English 10 course that exposes students to the Games and Simulation Pathway of the Information and Communication Technology CTE sector. Fictional and expository readings teach students about conflict and elements of storytelling, all necessary components of video game design. Writing assignments focus on narrative, expository, and persuasive techniques to give students an opportunity to improve their writing skills as well as the skills necessary to begin conceptually designing a video game. The culminating project requires students to create a Game Design Document, an authentic piece of writing from the Gaming Industry, which combines narrative, expository and persuasive writing with the technical and creative components of inventing a video game.

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