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Access lesson planning materials for Integrated Science and Water Technology. Copy any document (or download the entire GoogleFolder) to modify the curriculum for your students. Add to the folder by sending your version of any document to Carolina.Reyes@ucop.edu.

Materials were compiled/developed at the UCCI Teacher Exchange, San Bernardino ROP in San Bernardino, on December 8-9, 2015.


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Find details for each key assignment on the course description.

Start Unit 1 with a close reading of “Will the Next War Be Fought Over Water,” and discuss as a class how water impacts society.

To prepare for the PSA project in Unit 2, have students understand the development of an antibiotic resistant bacteria with these lab simulations: What kills germs? from Glencoe and Why do penicillin and other antibiotics become less useful over time? from Houghton Mifflin.

In Unit 3, students record the chemical and physical changes of the stormwater solution, including the sedimentation process, to calculate the total dissolved solids with the Water Quality with Vernier lab.

Filtration Investigation from TryEngineering is a great way to have students examine the effectiveness of different filtration media and engineer a better water filter for a community in need of clean water.