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Literature, the Arts, and Civic Action

A-G Subject: English - Honors
CTE Sector: Arts, Media, and Entertainment | CTE Pathway: Performing Arts

Note: Literature, the Arts, and Civic Action is a UC-designated honors course. This course integrates English with the Performing Arts pathway of the Arts, Media, and Entertainment CTE Sector. Students engage in close reading of complex texts, analysis of historical and existing theatre applications and models, and apply both to a focused social action arts project. Students begin by acquiring performance and storytelling skills with social impact. Once students have a basis for creating theater for social action, they will then begin to mobilize their cause by measuring the potential impact of their performances. The course will culminate in focused research and analysis of the effectiveness of nonprofit arts organizations.

Course Materials

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Materials were compiled/developed by 2016-17 UCCI Course Resources Development Grantee, Marcie Grill, Director at Rio Valley Charter School, Lodi US.

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