Public Health: Reading and writing your way to a healthier world

Protective Services Academy
A-G Subject: College-Preparatory Elective ("g")
CTE Sector: Public Services
Pathway: Public Safety

In this course, students will demonstrate the skills, abilities and knowledge to enter a peace officers field-training program, and execute the duties of a peace officer in society. The program includes instruction in: Communication skills – with emphasis on listening, reading, speaking and writing as it relates to law enforcement; Basic concepts of criminal law, principles of law enforcement, constitutional law, the criminal justice system and other law related topics; and Health training, including nutrition, mental and physical health. Students are encouraged to participate in, and perform, community services to develop the mindset of a public servant, to develop good citizenship, and to promote an ongoing involvement in their community. Throughout the course, students will create and maintain a working portfolio which reflects the skills and abilities they obtained and can be carried forward into a Public Services Academy in the future.

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