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Social Action Theatre: English 12 and the Performing Arts - HONORS
A-G Subject: English
CTE Sector: Arts, Media, and Entertainment
Pathway: Performing Arts

Note: Social Action Theatre: English 12 and the Performing Arts is a UC-designated honors course. Social Action Theatre integrates English with the Performing Arts pathway of the Arts, Media, and Entertainment CTE sector, in a way that emphasizes arts and social action. Students develop and refine their personal and unique mission statement (credo) and aesthetic, which will be reflected through their work, including a personal monologue, reflective essay and portfolio development. Additionally, students will apply their personal credo to create individual proposals for a social action arts organization. In groups, students will create and present a business plan for one of the proposed social action performing arts organizations, and design and perform a piece that would exemplify work from said organization.

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