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Spanish 3 for the Entrepreneurial Mind - HONORS

A-G Subject: Language Other than English - Spanish
CTE Sector: Marketing Sales & Service
Pathway: Entrepreneurship/Self-Employment

Note: Spanish 3 for the Entrepreneurial Mind is a UC-designated honors course. Rich in connections to entrepreneurship, Spanish for the Entrepreneurial Mind allows students to develop their skills in writing, listening and reading Spanish with a focus on the field of marketing. This course could be part of a Marketing, Sales and Service academy in a sequence of Spanish Language courses.

Curriculum Materials

Access lesson planning materials for Spanish for the Entrepreneurial Mind. Make a copy of any document (or download the entire GoogleFolder) to modify the curriculum to meet the needs of YOUR students. Add to the folder by sending your version of any document to Carolina.Reyes@ucop.edu.

Materials were compiled/developed at the UCCI Teacher Exchange, ABC Unified on February 3-5, 2016.

Related Resources: 

Access the course description for details on each unit assignment.

To cover marketing fundamentals, use the lesson “¿Qué es el Marketing?”© by Aguirre, MA (2000).

Students can learn about personality profiles by taking the 16 Personalities test in Spanish and the test de valores profesionales.

For covering “Promotion” in Unit 3, share this overview on creating promo videos.

Utilize Mi Espacio marketing glossary and Syvum’s themed word list & quiz website to reinforce the acquisition of business-related Spanish vocabulary.