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Step Into The World of Entrepreneurship: Chinese 3 - HONORS

A-G Subject: Language Other than English - Chinese
CTE Sector: Marketing Sales & Service
Pathway: Entrepreneurship/Self-Employment

Note: Step Into The World of Entrepreneurship: Chinese 3 is a UC-designated honors course. This course will prepare students with the foundational knowledge of Entrepreneurship within the framework of Stage II of the Language Learning Continuum in a level three high school Chinese language course.  The objective is to prepare students to be both college and career-ready to enter the global workspace.  Students, whether interested in entrepreneurial pursuits or fulfilling the World Language requirements of college admission, will be developing the linguistic and cultural competencies in Chinese, as well as the critical thinking skills necessary to successfully collaborate and compete in today’s entrepreneurial global business context. The course integrates technology, cultural awareness, real-world business practice, and the fundamental linguistic competencies derived from the interpretive, interpersonal and presentational communication modes framework for World Language learning.

Curriculum Materials

Access lesson planning materials for Step Into The World of Entrepreneurship: Chinese 3. Copy any document (or download the entire GoogleFolder) to modify the curriculum for your students. Add to the folder by sending your version of any document to Carolina.Reyes@ucop.edu.

Materials were compiled/developed at the UCCI Teacher Exchange, Augustus Hawkins High School on February 4-5, 2016.

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Step Into The World of Entrepreneurship: Chinese 3

Find details for each key assignment on the course description.

Start students off with videos on the top 10 rules for success by Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple Inc.) and Jack Ma (founder of Alibaba.com).

Support a better understanding of the China’s economy and company culture.

Prepare branding in Unit 3, with this marketing mix and color psychology overview, brand index reminders list and brand building checklist.

Discuss and review data for the demographics and psychographics of the Chinese market projected for 2020.