Discovering Our Power: Energy & Ethics

The Power of Language: English and Issues in Energy & Justice - HONORS
A-G Subject: English
CTE Sector: Energy, Environment, and Utilities
Pathway: Energy and Power Technology

Note: The Power of Language: English and Issues in Energy and Justice is a UC-designated honors course.  This course allows students to learn and apply Common Core English skills to the study of alternative energy sources and ultimately provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to advance English coursework and pursue a career in the Energy, Environment and Utilities Industry. In this course, students research and analyze the complex interaction between the energy industry, the consumer and our environment, examining how energy consumption has changed over the years in our culture, and developing and refining their own skills of persuasion and argumentation, composing informational publications to be disseminated to a variety of audiences. Students build an electronic portfolio as they advance their research through the various units, compiling their breadth of knowledge of the energy industry for future reference and job opportunity.

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