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The Science and Ethics of Biotechnology - HONORS
A-G Subject: Laboratory Science - Interdisciplinary Science
CTE Sector: Health Science and Medical Technology
Pathway: Biotechnology

Note: The Science and Ethics of Biotechnology is a UC-designated honors course Modern biological and laboratory techniques have opened a wide range of topics and opportunities for secondary students to explore and experience. With the goal of building understanding and mastering essential laboratory techniques, students examine concepts and conduct relevant and authentic laboratory investigations. Students review and extend learning in cell biology, biomolecules and atomic structure, DNA, gene expression and genetic code, evolution, physiology, and energy and metabolism. Students apply this knowledge to the learning and practice of lab techniques used in academic, commercial, and medical laboratories, such as PCR, electrophoresis, transformation, and cell culturing and generate authentic and relevant products similar to those created and interpreted in any number of labs applying biotechnology.

A key aspect of this course is the examination of where ethics and biotechnological approaches intersect, and in each unit, students confront an ethical question related to the unit content and techniques. Ultimately, this course aims to produce technically sound scientists who are able to evaluate information and make informed decisions, especially when larger ethical conflicts may be involved.


Access lesson planning materials for The Science and Ethics of Biotechnology. Copy any document (or download the entire GoogleFolder) to modify the curriculum for your students. Add to the folder by sending your version of any document to Carolina.Reyes@ucop.edu.

Materials were compiled/developed at the UCCI Teacher Exchange,
Rancho Santiago Community College on March 17-18, 2017.

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