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We.thePeople: American Government and Cybersecurity - HONORS

A-G Subject: History/Social Science: American Government
CTE Sector: Information and Communication Technologies
Pathways: Information Support and Services; Networking; Software and Systems Development; Games and Simulation

Note: We.thePeople: American Government and Cybersecurity is a UC-designated honors course. This course prepares students to see where the field of cybersecurity intersects with the American Constitution and political system. Students explore the relationship between cybersecurity and government through five dimensions: historical, technological, legal, administrative, and ethical, and explores how those dimensions affect U.S. policy in regards to citizen privacy as well as Homeland Security issues. Throughout the course, students conduct research, closely read and analyze complex texts, participate in policy debates, and compose research papers in which they synthesize their knowledge to design a government policy that addresses a critical cybersecurity issue.


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