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Write, Camera, Action: Storytelling Through Your Lens

A-G Subject: College Preparatory Elective
CTE Sector: Arts, Media, and Entertainment
Pathway: Design, Visual, and Media Arts/Production and Managerial Arts

Write, Camera, Action is an English elective course integrated with the Design, Visual and Media Arts and Production and Managerial Arts pathways of the Arts, Media and Entertainment CTE sector. This course is designed to enrich the freshman English course for students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) whose basic skill level is below grade-level peers. In this project-based-learning course, students research and analyze a variety of visual media and written texts (including literature, film, advertising, and social media) to understand the components of a well written or well produced visual story. The reading, writing, and media-based assignments throughout the course prepare students to complete their capstone project in which they work collaboratively as a media production team, to produce a short film and host a screening event.



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