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 APRIL 10-13, 2014
at the HYATT SFO, Burlingame, CALIFORNIA

 DEADLINE: February 7, 2014 at 11:59 p.m.

Over the four days of the UCCI Institutes, academic and Career Technical Education (CTE) teachers work together to write complete course outlines for new, integrated high school courses that blend the content and skills of a core academic subject – history, English, math, science or language other than English – with the technical requirements of one CTE industry sector pathway. Each completed course is submitted to UC for approval in its “a-g” academic area and, once approved, is available for any California high school to use. At this Institute, course developers will create courses that pair mathematics or English with a career pathway of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) CTE industry sector.

Schools may add approved UCCI courses to their course lists and teach them without having to submit them again for UC’s “a-g” approval. Because they are “a-g” approved, all UCCI courses count toward students’ college admission eligibility.

The Spring 2014 UCCI Institute: English or Math/ICT

 At this UCCI Institute, accepted applicants will work in teams, and each team will develop one integrated course that combines the content of math ("c") or English ("b") with career pathways in the Information & Communication Technologies CTE industry sector. This Institute will produce four integrated courses.

All UCCI courses are created to align with the Common Core State Standards as well as the newly updated CTE industry sector standards, and to be submitted for UC “a-g” approval.

Why integrate math or English with Information & Communication Technologies?

Teaching math or English through a study of ICT has clear advantages. For example: 

  • Studying English paired with Information & Communication Technologies gives students the chance to develop their ability to communicate clearly with others in the real-world context of a field where clear and effective communication is essential
  • Within a few years, more than 70% of the jobs in Information & Communication Technologies will require a bachelor's degree - this pairing allows students to fulfill a math or English requirement for UC-CSU admission while exploring a growing career field 
  • The real importance of mathematical concepts and assignments becomes clear when applied to ICT issues and problems

Benefits to participants

Chosen through an application review process, Spring 2014 UCCI Institutes participants will receive a stipend of $300 for their work, as well as 2.5 Continuing Education Units from UCLA Extension. In addition, we reimburse districts for sub costs, up to $250 per teacher who attends the Institutes.

I want to apply!

“I've gained more from this institute in regards to curriculum development than any other program I've been associated with in my 12 years of teaching.” 

- Aaron Lemos, Spring 2013 UCCI Institutes