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Since May 2010, the UC Curriculum Integration (UCCI) Institutes have brought together over 600 high school and post-secondary educators and industry representatives to create innovative high school courses that integrate the rigor of academics with the real-world relevance of Career Technical Education (CTE).

UCCI Institutes are held at various locations throughout California, based on the needs of the specific high schools and districts that have requested an Institute. At the Institutes, academic and CTE teachers collaborate to develop dynamic integrated courses that help prepare students for college and careers. UCCI staff facilitate this work, ensuring the courses meet the criteria for UC designation in the "a-g" subject areas.

UCCI Institutes FAQ

Why host a UCCI Institute?

UCCI Institutes are especially useful for schools and districts that are:

  • participating in linked learning
  • interested in providing students with college and career preparation
  • working to implement project-based learning

These workshops offer teachers the training, time and resources to create challenging and engaging integrated courses. Educators can submit a request for an Institute to be held near them by completing the UCCI Interest Form or simply by contacting us directly at ucci@ucop.edu. 

What is the time commitment, and how much does an Institute cost?

UCCI Institutes are generally three full days in length (start and end times are flexible), and requestors should plan on three full months of planning, to allow time for outreach and participant recruitment and selection. The presentation below, from a panel discussion at our 2015 UCCI Conference on Integrated Curriculum, will allow you to learn more about what UCCI pays for, what the requesting school or district pays for, and what's involved during the Institute planning process. Panelists were individuals who hosted UCCI Institutes during the 2014 - 15 academic year.

How can I bring a UCCI Institute to my region?

To request a UCCI Institute, simply complete our UCCI Institute Request Form, and UCCI staff will be in touch shortly after we receive your request.

UCCI Institutes - History

In their original format, beginning in May 2010 and ending with the Spring 2014 Institutes in April 2014, the conferences met for four days, with participants working in teams led by trained facilitators to create courses that satisfied UC's rigorous standards for college preparation. The atmosphere at the Institutes was (as the new-model Institutes promise to be) collegial, creative and full of energy and excitement. Team members not only developed courses that any high school in California can use, but also formed relationships with other educators that have had a lasting impact on the work they do. You can see this energy and enthusiasm for yourself, in the below video, produced at our Fall 2012 UCCI Institutes, which focused on courses that integrate Language other than English with Marketing, Sales and Service, and English with Public Services:

For information on the UCCI Institutes from May 2010 to Spring 2014, check out our Past Institutes page.

“I've gained more from this institute in regards to curriculum development than any other program I've been associated with in my 12 years of teaching.” 

- Aaron Lemos, Spring 2013 UCCI Institutes