Create and grow with UCCI

The UCCI initiative is designed to support California educators who develop and teach innovative high school courses that allow students to gain workplace skills and insights while also fulfilling freshman admission requirements for UC and the California state universities. These  courses combine the academic rigor of UC's "a-g" subject requirement with the technically demanding content of career technical education (CTE). Each course integrates the content of one "a-g" subject with that of one CTE career pathway.

UCCI offers this support in two major ways, through the UCCI Institutes and the UCCI Teacher Exchanges. Both programs operate on the philosophy that teachers are the curriculum experts, and both are free to participants.

The UCCI Institutes are held at various locations around California, based on the needs of specific high schools and districts. At the Institutes, teachers collaborate to develop the integrated courses that are needed to strengthen their course offerings. UCCI staff facilitate this work, ensuring the courses meet the criteria for UC approval in the "a-g" subjects. These free workshops are designed to give teachers the time and resources to create challenging and engaging integrated courses. Educators can submit a request for an Institute to be held near them by completing the UCCI Institute Interest Form or simply by contacting the program at ucci@ucop.edu. 

The UCCI Teacher Exchanges are dynamic curriculum workshops led by teachers, for teachers. The Exchanges provide teachers with the opportunity to prepare to teach any of the 73 UC-approved UCCI courses. Teachers who are currently teaching a UCCI course or who are interested in teaching a UCCI course are encouraged to attend a UCCI Teacher Exchange. The Exchange will offer you the time and support to collaborate with other teachers to develop and modify the instructional materials you'll need to successfully implement one of these unique integrated courses. If you are interested in having a UCCI Teacher Exchange in your area, fill out our UCCI Course Implementation Support form, and we will follow up with you soon!

UC Curriculum Integration is an initiative of Student Affairs/High School Articulation in the UC Office of the President, with offices in Oakland, California. Its programs are made possible with funding administered by the California Department of Education.

“I've gained more from this institute in regards to curriculum development than any other program I've been associated with in my 12 years of teaching.” 

- Aaron Lemos, Spring 2013 UCCI Institutes