UCCI Conference

UCCI's Fourth Annual UCCI Conference on Integrated Curriculum

UCCI's fourth-annual UCCI Conference on Integrated Curriculum took place Saturday, April 29, 2017, at San Diego State University, with a pre-conference event at Health Sciences High and Middle College in San Diego, CA on Friday, April 28.

At the Pre-Conference, attendees:

  • Observed UCCI courses in action!
  • Participated in after school PLC meetings with Health Sciences High teachers who teach UCCI courses!
  • Heard HSHMC Principal Doug Fischer discuss how UCCI courses fit with the school's programs of study and how administrators helped faculty prepare to teach UCCI courses.
For a full schedule of the day's activities, please view the Program for the Pre-Conference.

At the Conference?

The UCCI catalog boasts 72 teacher-created courses integrating academic study with CTE. In morning sessions, attendees heard first hand from teachers who are currently teaching the following UCCI courses:

These course-focused sessions allowed attendees the rare opportunity to hear how different schools and different teachers throughout California have implemented the same UCCI course.

In each of these course sessions, teachers shared what they've learned about implementing each course and balancing the academic and CTE instruction to fully prepare students to complete course projects successfully.

Afternoon sessions:

  • A panel discussion on preparing teachers to teach integrated courses
  • A “Boot Camp” workshop on leading integrated course development within your school/district 
  • A presentation on how to design instructional materials for UCCI courses
For a full schedule of the day's activities, please view the Draft Program for the Conference.

Questions? Email us at ucci@ucop.edu

University of California Curriculum Integration is an initiative of Student Affairs - Admissions in the UC Office of the President. UCCI's work is made possible through funding administered by the California Department of Education.