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August 17,  2015

We're excited to announce that three new courses will be joining the 57 other "a-g" approved courses on the UCCI Course Catalog, bringing the current number of courses we have available to 60!

These courses were produced at our "on-demand" UCCI Institutes, and they will be available for any California school to add to their "a-g" course list.  Below are brief course descriptions, with links to the full course framework for each course below.

Bullets of Truth: A Search for Justice in a World of Injustice: Public Services and English ("b")

Bullets of Truth: A Search for Justice in a World of Injustice is an English course integrated with the Public Services CTE Sector that enables students to understand where the skills of English intersect with the elements of public service. Throughout the course, students are provided an authentic, rigorous pathway to learn about public service theories, skills, backgrounds, and professions that prepare them for further education and career opportunities in the field of Public Service. By analyzing the complex term “justice,” students will examine how society negotiates and explores human behavior and impulses and will analyze modes of societal norms using various techniques and theories.  Read the full course framework

Social Action Theatre: Arts, Media, and Entertainment and English ("b") 

Social Action Theatre integrates English with the Performing Arts pathway of the Arts, Media, and Entertainment CTE sector, in a way that emphasizes arts and social action. Students develop and refine their personal and unique mission statement (credo) and aesthetic, which will be reflected through their work, including a personal monologue, reflective essay and portfolio development. Additionally, students will apply their personal credo to create individual proposals for a social action arts organization. In groups, students will create and present a business plan for one of the proposed social action performing arts organizations, and design and perform a piece that would exemplify work from said organization.  Read the full course framework

The Arts in Civic Action: Arts, Media, and Entertainment and English ("b") 

Arts in Civic Action integrates English with the Performing Arts pathway of the Arts, Media, and Entertainment CTE Sector. Students engage in close reading of complex texts, analysis of historical and existing theatre applications and models, and apply both to a focused social action arts project. Students begin by acquiring performance and storytelling skills with social impact. Once students have a basis for creating theater for social action, they will then begin to mobilize their cause by measuring the potential impact of their performances. The course will culminate in focused research and analysis of the effectiveness of nonprofit arts organizations. Read the full course framework

If you're interested in implementing one or more of the above courses--or any course currently on our course catalog--but want some support in developing the instructional materials needed to make the course come to life, you can find that support through UCCI's Teacher Exchange! And if you have a need for courses beyond what's currently available on our catalog, you can request a UCCI Institute.

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“I've gained more from this institute in regards to curriculum development than any other program I've been associated with in my 12 years of teaching.” 

- Aaron Lemos, Spring 2013 UCCI Institutes