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June 1,  2015

We're excited to announce that four new courses will be joining the 51 other "a-g" approved courses on the UCCI Course Catalog, bringing the current number of courses we have available to 55!

These courses were produced at our "on-demand" UCCI Institutes, and they will be available for any California school to add to their "a-g" course list.  Below are brief course descriptions, with links to the full course framework for each course below.

Applied Math and Engineering (Math - "c")

This course allows students to apply Advanced Algebra and Geometry skills contained in the traditional Algebra 2/Trig course to the Engineering Design Process: Requirements, Analysis, Design, Build, Validation.  Students employ the engineering process to design this high school, considering the parameters and requirements of the district while using math (linear equations and functions, quadratic equations and functions, polynomials, rational and radical functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, statistics and probability, and trigonometry) as a tool to make engineering decisions and complete the projects. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to integrate the math topics and concepts with the Engineering Design Process to create a final report and presentation of their high school design aimed at an audience of school board members. Read the full course framework

The Technology of Biology (Laboratory Science - "d")

This one-year course serves to introduce the principles of biology through a biotechnological perspective. Students will use an integrated approach to study the principles that govern life while constantly referring to how these applications of biotechnology are attempting to improve life on earth. This course challenges students to honestly evaluate the current problems faced in the 21 st century and apply their knowledge of foundational biology to propose possible solutions using biotechnological techniques. Upon successful completion of the course, students will have a better understanding of current biological concepts and biotechnological applications. Read the full course framework

English 12: The Business of Sustainable Agriculture (English - "b")

This year long language arts/CTE hybrid course allows students to develop the skills and foundational knowledge needed to start a sustainable agribusiness. In addition to being able to evaluate and differentiate agricultural business types and structures, students will also develop ethical and socially responsible decision making skills through a series of analytical and research essays as well as through detailed presentations and mock trials. By the end of this course students will synthesize language, communication, critical thinking skills, marketing and economic principles, pertinent legal knowledge, as well as the foundations of agriculture into the design of a business plan for a sustainable agribusiness. Read the full course framework

Physics and Engineering: Motion by Design (Laboratory Science - "d") 

In Physics and Engineering: Motion by Design students apply principles of physics and engineering to an iterative cycle of product design. In this yearlong, integrated, college preparatory course, students will develop an understanding of fundamental physics concepts in kinematics, mechanics, mechanical and electromagnetic waves, and electricity/electromagnetism while exploring robotics, computer programming, computer aided design (CAD) and rapid product development. The course culminates with competition-ready, semi-autonomous devices presented as marketable products designed to serve a specific purpose in the student’s local community. By successfully completing the course, students will be prepared for success in college science and engineering as well as in high demand careers like automation and advanced manufacturing. Read the full course framework


If you're interested in implementing one or more of the above courses--or any course currently on our course catalog--but want some support in developing the instructional materials needed to make the course come to life, you can find that support through UCCI's Teacher Exchange! And if you have a need for courses beyond what's currently available on our catalog, you can request a UCCI Institute.

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“I've gained more from this institute in regards to curriculum development than any other program I've been associated with in my 12 years of teaching.” 

- Aaron Lemos, Spring 2013 UCCI Institutes