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March 23,  2015

We're excited to announce that three new courses will be joining the other "a-g" approved courses on the UCCI Course Catalog, bringing the current number of courses we have available to 50!  All three of these courses grew out of our "on-demand" UCCI Institutes, and they are now available for any California school to add to their "a-g" course list!

My Voice Creates My World – History/Social Science (“a”) with Energy, Environment and Utilities
This course meets the government portion of the History/Social Science requirement (“a”) for freshman admission to UC/CSU. It integrates government with the Environmental Resources pathway of the Energy, Environment and Utilities CTE Industry Sector, providing students with an opportunity to think critically about local and global environmental issues as they relate to political and logistical regulations within American government. Read the full course framework
MultiCraft Core Curriculum: Building Scaled Structures – Interdisciplinary Elective (“g”) with Building Trades and Construction
This course has been developed to integrate skills and concepts from the Building and Construction Trades Industry Sector with applied mathematics and English. Students apply the craft skills required to design and build a variety of scaled structures that meet current code requirements, and make real world connections between construction, math, and English as they produce construction documents and complete construction projects. This course meets pre-apprenticeship requirements for the National Building Trades Council. Read the full course framework

English 10: Awareness and Ethics in Law and Public Safety – English ("b") with Public Services
This course increases and deepens student knowledge of the content and skills of  English-Language Arts through the lens of a potential applicant in the law and public safety field. In this course, students research the complex nature of law and public safety professions, researching legal cases and legal and ethical dilemmas faced by those working in public safety positions. By the end of the course, students also develop a profound understanding of the physical and psychological demands faced by those who serve in public safety roles. Read the full course framework

If you're interested in implementing one or more of the above courses--or any course currently on our course catalog--but want some support in developing the instructional materials needed to make the course come to life, you can find that support through UCCI's Teacher Exchange! And if you have a need for courses beyond what's currently available on our catalog, you can request a UCCI Institute.

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“I've gained more from this institute in regards to curriculum development than any other program I've been associated with in my 12 years of teaching.” 

- Aaron Lemos, Spring 2013 UCCI Institutes