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UCCI is committed to expanding opportunities for applied learning throughout California, so students can prepare for college while they explore potential careers.

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The innovative courses developed at the UCCI Institutes creatively integrate core academic subjects with Career Technical Education - and they're available for any high school in California to teach. Learn more about UCCI courses...

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> UCCI's Second-Annual UCCI Conference!

The UCCI Conference on Integrated Curriculum will be held Friday, May 15, 2015, in San Francisco! Register Now!

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Our "on-demand model" for the UCCI Institutes means we have events every month. And we need facilitators! Read More...


March 23, 2015

Carla Crow, Moreno Valley Regional Learning Center, shares her experiences in the healthcare industry, changes she's seen and experienced and how she feels about the current state of HSMT curriculum. Read more...

March 23, 2015
Three New UCCI Courses!

New courses in the Public Services, Building and Construction Trades, and Energy, Environment and Utilities sectors join the other courses on our catalog, bringing the current number of UCCI courses to 50! Read more...