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UCCI Course Snapshots provide information about the course, where it's being taught, number of students who have access to the course, and more!  View this month's course snapshot: Geometry + Computer Visualization/Simulation.

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> Introducing the UCCI Teacher Exchange 2.0!

UCCI is excited to announce a new format for our Teacher Exchange Program!  Join us at our next Teacher Exchange, September 15 & 16, in Simi Valley, focusing on the UCCI Courses Geometry + Computer Visualization/Simulation and Algebra 2 for the 21st Century. Register NowRead more...



July 31, 2017
New UCCI Course Mentor Program!

UCCI is excited to announce a new program for the 2017-18 academic year! We've designed our new UCCI Course Mentor Program to provide one-on-one continuous support throughout the entire academic year to educators who are new to teaching a UCCI course. Read more...

July 31, 2017
Teacher Spotlight: Russ Cramm

This month the spotlight is on Russ Cramm, Chemistry Teacher at Downey High School... Read more...