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UCCI is committed to expanding opportunities for applied learning throughout California, so students can prepare for college while they explore potential careers.

Integrated Courses

The innovative courses developed at the UCCI Institutes creatively integrate core academic subjects with Career Technical Education - and they're available for any high school in California to teach. Learn more about UCCI courses ...

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June 13, 2014 in Oakland, CA
> UCCI Conference

Curriculum directors, principals, administrators... Connect, network, and learn about the value of integrated curriculum at our upcoming FREE UCCI Conference.



April 8, 2014
Toasting Our Successful Spring UCCI Institutes!

We're back from the Spring 2014 UCCI Institutes, and as always, we're incredibly excited about the inspiring teachers we met and the fantastic courses they created. Read more...

April 2, 2014

Andre Hargunani, principal of the Critical Design and Gaming School at Augustus Hawkins in L. A. Unified, believes preparing students to work in the video and computer fields just makes sense. Read more ...