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UCCI is committed to expanding opportunities for applied learning throughout California, so students can prepare for college while they explore potential careers.


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The innovative courses developed at the UCCI Institutes creatively integrate core academic subjects with Career Technical Education - and they're available for any high school in California to teach. Learn more about UCCI courses...

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> Join us at our upcoming UCCI Teacher Exchange!
The UCCI Teacher Exchange provides educators interested in implementing UCCI courses the opportunity to prepare to teach those courses. Our next Teacher Exchange is August 3 & 4, 2016, in Madera, CA! Read more...



May 17, 2016
Teacher Spotlight: Doreidy Sandoval

Our Spotlight this month is on Doreidy Sandoval, Teacher: Spanish II, Spanish II Fluent, Spanish IV: Patient Care Health Careers Academy. Read more...

May 17, 2016
New UCCI Courses!

We're excited to announce that four new courses are now live on the UCCI Course Catalog, and two of them are integrated with the Education pathway of the Education, Child Development, and Family Services CTE sector! We're thrilled, as these two courses are our first-ever in that CTE sector. Read more...