About Background

Fulfilling UC's Mission

University of California Curriculum Integration (UCCI) is an initiative of High School Articulation-Undergraduate Admissions at UC Office of the President. Initial funding for the UCCI Initiative was administered by the California Department of Education, UC’s partner agency, beginning in 2010 through June of 2019.

The UCCI Initiative aligns with UC’s teaching and public service mission by supporting the creation of innovative college-prep courses and making them publicly available for any California high school to teach. In service of this mission, UCCI has convened educators from throughout the state to:

  • Develop model frameworks for engaging, relevant integrated courses that integrate A-G academic work with Career Technical Education (CTE), and

  • Create a culture of collaboration among educators to expand the opportunities for contexualized learning throughout California and beyond.

How UCCI Courses Were Developed

Each of UCCI’s unique courses was developed at a UCCI Institute–a multi-day curriculum development extravaganza–by a team of CTE and academic subject teachers. Their curriculum design work was supported by UCCI-trained facilitators and content advisors, who helped to ensure that each new course met CTE and Common Core State Standards while also meeting UC’s criteria for A-G courses.

The atmosphere at the Institutes was collegial, creative, and full of energy and excitement. Participants not only created new integrated courses, but also formed relationships with other educators from across the state that have had a lasting impact on the work they do. You can see this energy and enthusiasm for yourself, in the below video, produced at our Fall 2012 UCCI Institutes, which focused on courses that integrate Language other than English with Marketing, Sales, and Service, and English with Public Services. 

From Course Design to Course Implementation

As more integrated courses were developed at the UCCI Institutes, we began to hear from more and more educators requesting support in implementing UCCI Courses. 

In response to this need, in 2013, UCCI launched its Teacher Exchange Program, which offers dynamic, teacher-led workshops ("Exchanges") that support educators who are or will be teaching a UCCI course. Learn more about the UCCI Teacher Exchange.

For individuals who do not need in-person support but rather are just looking for some ideas on how to get started with a particular UCCI course, UCCI does have 37 courses with associated instructional materials. These course resources are available for free to anyone who wishes to use them–all we ask is that you credit the original creators of each document that you use and/or modify.

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