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FAQs About Teaching UCCI Courses

We've included the answers to some of the most common questions teachers and administrators have when they hear about UCCI Courses.

What are the requirements for teaching a UCCI Course?

The University of California / UCCI does not dictate who should or should not be teaching a given UCCI Course. Decisions regarding who can teach a UCCI Course are made at the local level.

If a teacher can confidently teach the course with fidelity to the course content, there is no reason s/he should not teach the course.

The people who would best be able to make that decision are at that teacher’s high school and/or district office. In other words, as far as UC is concerned, anyone deemed qualified at the local level can teach a UCCI Course.

What if I can’t fit every assignment into my academic year?

UCCI Courses often have more assignments than an instructor could get through in a year; feedback from teachers is that they typically get through 80 - 85% of the course content.

The idea is for you to have more than you need, so that you can make decisions about what content you definitely need to cover given your specific student population.

Can I use a different textbook or material than what is listed?

Yes, if your district’s approved textbook(s) would allow you to still cover the content and assignments as they are represented in the course framework. If the texts are similar, then it is perfectly fine for you to substitute the text, and you do not have to notify UC that you are doing so.

However, if you are making substantial changes to the course (e.g. completely changing assignments in multiple units; changing texts in a way that changes the overall identity of the course), you should instead submit a new course framework via the A-G Course Management Portal (A-G CMP), and let UC High School Articulation know that you are modeling your course after an existing UCCI Course.

Do the UCCI Courses come with lesson plans?

37 UCCI Courses have instructional materials that were created and shared with UCCI by teachers of those courses. All available instructional materials are organized in publicly accessible Google Folders, and can be accessed via the Course Resources webpage.

Our past UCCI Teacher Exchanges and grant programs facilitated the development of these instructional materials, which are based on the course frameworks that were created at UCCI Institutes by teams of teachers from across California. For this reason only certain UCCI Courses have all eight units of sample curriculum while other courses may only provide one unit of resources.


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