Administrator Guide

A Guide for Administrators

To better understand what is involved in successfully implementing UCCI courses, we split the process into three key areas in the guide below.

#1. Laying the Groundwork

These steps will help you prepare to offer UCCI courses at your school site:

  • Involve teachers in the process – Schools with the highest level of success implementing UCCI courses involved faculty in decisions regarding which UCCI courses to offer and why.

  • Create a pacing guide – Consider how the curriculum will work with your bell schedule and/or course period length.

  • Give teachers time to collaborate – UCCI provides frameworks outlining all units and key assignments in the course, but the teacher needs the time and support to prepare her/his own lesson plans in order to deliver the content. The most successful UCCI course teachers have at least one colleague with whom to collaborate on planning lessons throughout the year.

  • Consider the resources needed to successfully teach the course – Plan ahead to purchase special equipment or other materials.

#2. Offering a UCCI Course

Once you’re ready to adopt one or more UCCI courses:

  • Add the UCCI course(s) to your school’s A-G course list – Log into the A-G Course Management Portal (A-G CMP) to add any UCCI course via the “Add a Program Course” option under “Add a new course."

  • Access free instructional materials for select UCCI courses – Visit Course Resources to view the UCCI courses with Google Folders filled with varying amounts of instructional materials. All course resources have been developed and made publicly available through our UCCI Teacher Exchange Program. 

  • Request support from UCCIReview the three key ways we can support you as you explore the possibility of offering A-G integrated courses at your school!

#3. Joining the UCCI Community

Get inspired by other schools offering UCCI courses and stay connected with us in the following two ways:

  • Subscribe to the High School Articulation (HSA) Bulletin – Be the first to find out about upcoming A-G course list deadline, announcements about A-G policy, and new resources! To receive this monthly e-bulletin, scroll down to the footer of this webpage, enter your information, and click the "Sign up!" button.

  • Help us grow our UCCI community – Our network of UCCI educators who can support and share ideas and resources with one another grows every time a teacher completes the UCCI Course Teacher Survey. Even if you're not ready to serve as a resource, we encourage to share your experiences teaching a UCCI course by filling out the form!

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